Bringing Life to the Data.

Our yearly Crop Tours make us outstanding in our fields. Literally.


Every year, IAG takes the time to actually see the fruits, and the vegetables, of our labor. During our Crop Tours, we travel throughout the nation's heartland and breadbasket to give you first-hand accounts of what's actually happening in the fields.

We do the chemistry on soil samples and shuck corn to see if the ears are filled all the way to the tips. We take measurements and look for disease and insect issues. We take lots of pictures and we get our hands dirty. Wonderfully dirty.

IAG Crop Tours allow us to see, touch and smell agriculture up close and personal. We find the Tours not only validate the data, they give us even more confidence in the advice and risk analysis we present to you.

2017 Crop Tour Footage

2017 Crop Tour

2017 Spring Crop Tour

2016 Crop Tour

2015 Crop Tour

2013 Crop Tour

2014 Crop Tour

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