Mark Feight Managing Director, International Agribusiness Group, LLC.

Mark Feight

As co-founder of IAG and a top consultant to the agricultural industry for almost 30 years, Mark Feight works with individuals, organizations, and corporations, providing expertise on risk management and unique marketing concepts on an exclusive basis. Recognized as a leading expert on the global agricultural economy, Mark has published a number of industry-targeted magazine articles, and performed a multitude of speaking engagements, including testifying before the U.S. Senate Ag Committee and regularly is tapped to be a Group Leader for the annual Harvard Business School Executive Education Agribusiness program.

In his role as Managing Director, Mark is responsible for developing and maintaining client relationships, directing all commodity market research, and directing all business functions. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Agricultural Economics from Michigan State University. Mark's academic and professional experiences were preceded by years of experience in farming.


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