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An independent consultancy with an unrelenting passion for Food and Agriculture. Comprised of a select group of consultants, IAG works with businesses exposed to agricultural commodity price risk. The consultants’ varying backgrounds and industry experience help create a team with unique expertise. Read More ...

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Improve our clients’ aptitude in market outlook and risk management strategies. Use IAG's unique experience to provide data-backed risk management insight and solutions. IAG doesn't report the news or chronicle the past; IAG provides a clear, actionable outlook for the future. Read more ...

Tropical Weather Updates.

Tropical Update for the Week of July 27th

-There is no tropical development expected in the Atlantic Basin in the next 7 days, 
-An area of convection in the eastern Gulf and western Atlantic will remain disorganized this week.
-The Defcon level remains at the lowest condition of 5 for all regions.

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Your At-A-Glance Weather Updates.

IAG Daily Weather Video for July 31, 2015

-This morning, there are no threat level changes as a front brings cooler and drier weather to the central and eastern U.S.
-The U.S. Southern Plains will see near normal temps north this week and warm weather south and west as the region lies between southern tier ridging and eastern troughing. Defcon 4.
-The Mississippi Delta can expect temps trending cooler this week, with no rain chances to speak of over the next 7 days. Defcon 4. 
-The U.S. Midwest will see some rainfall Sunday through Tuesday, as a trough in the Great Lakes keeps the region cool through Day 10. Defcon 3.
-In Europe and the Black Sea, strong troughing is being replaced by strong ridging, with sharply rising temps and diminishing precip chances expected for most. Defcon 3.

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