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IAG: A Leader In Ag Risk Consulting

Choose IAG for the sheer breadth of our risk experience, knowledge, data and insight.

Today's news is irrelevant as soon as it hits your screen. What's important to the market is tomorrow's news. News about the next growing season. News about the next price cycle. At International Agribusiness Group, we're not reporting today's news because we're busy uncovering the pertinent information for tomorrow and beyond.

The global data available to the agricultural market is enormous and growing. From weather trends to crop conditions to international economics and politics, the amount of data to model and measure can be overwhelming.

Most of the news and data is noise. Every day, the IAG team screens out 99% of all that noise to find the nuggets, the 1% that is meaningful, relevant, and invaluable. This is the start of data-based decision making.

Our business is to analyze all the data, apply our 80-plus combined years of hands-on agricultural experience and insight; and then provide accurate, up-to-the-minute hedging and risk management advice.

At IAG, our value proposition is simple. The more you know about risk, the more you can manage your profit.

Of all of our inventions for mass communication, pictures still speak the most universally understood language. --Walt Disney

Our Company

International Agribusiness Group

IAG is:

An independent consultancy with an unrelenting passion for Food and Agriculture. Comprised of a select group of consultants, IAG works with businesses exposed to agricultural commodity price risk. The consultants’ varying backgrounds and industry experience help create a team with unique expertise.
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IAG does:

Improve our clients’ aptitude in market outlook and risk management strategies. Use IAG's unique experience to provide data-backed risk management insight and solutions. IAG doesn't report the news or chronicle the past; IAG provides a clear, actionable outlook for the future.
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Tropical Weather Updates.

Invest 99L Forecast and Tropical Update for the Week of October 18th

•Hurricane Nicole has become extratropical in the north Atlantic, and there are no active tropical cyclones in the Atlantic for the first time since September 27th. 

•The Caribbean threat highlighted last week as shifted north, and is currently a broad low over the eastern Bahamas, Invest 99L. Though this feature is likely to become Subtropical or Tropical Storm Otto this week, it is no longer a threat to the United States as it will be swept north ahead of a front over the next 3-4 days. Invest 99L may contribute moisture to a New England heavy rain event after it is absorbed by the front early in the weekend. 

•Elsewhere, there are no active disturbances and development is not expected in the next week. Only 6% of U.S. hurricane landfalls occur after 10/18, so only limited time (no more than 10-14 days) remains as a plausible window for TC risks to the U.S. in 2016.

Your At-A-Glance Weather Updates.

Commodity Market Weather Forecast for October 21st from IAG

•This morning,there are no threat level changes as a front temporarily ends the heat in the central and eastern U.S., but warmth is expected to return next week.

•In the Tropics, subtropical development remains possible today with Invest 99L but this system will be absorbed by a front in the next 24 hours. Defcon 4.

•The Southern Plains and Delta are moderating today but significant warmth returns next week and the long-range forecast is trending warm and dry as well. Defcon 4.

•In the Midwest, a front will clear the zone today, but warm and dry weather will return in several days. Iowa and Wisconsin may pick up 1-2" from a midweek disturbance. Defcon 3.

•South America is seeing some rain over central Brazil, where 1-2" of needed rain is anticipated in the next week. Look for dry weather and coolish temps elsewhere ahead of another front. Defcon 4.

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