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An independent consultancy with an unrelenting passion for Food and Agriculture. Comprised of a select group of consultants, IAG works with businesses exposed to agricultural commodity price risk. The consultants’ varying backgrounds and industry experience help create a team with unique expertise. Read More ...

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Improve our clients’ aptitude in market outlook and risk management strategies. Use IAG's unique experience to provide data-backed risk management insight and solutions. IAG doesn't report the news or chronicle the past; IAG provides a clear, actionable outlook for the future. Read more ...

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Your At-A-Glance Weather Updates.

IAG Daily Weather Video for April 29th, 2016

•This morning, there are no threat level changes as a wet pattern over the southern U.S. will continue into early next week.

•The U.S. Southern Plains will see two more rainmakers between now and Monday, with totals ranging from around 1" west to 1-2" north and east. Defcon 2.

•The Mississippi Delta will be also see significant rain totals and above average temps, with 1.5-3" 5-day accumulations followed by cooler weather. Defcon 3. 

•The U.S. Midwest will be wet this week as well, with rain chances the next 3-4 days and general 1-2" rainfall totals south. Look for a drier and cooler pattern by the middle of next week with troughing. Defcon 3.

•In South America, a front has cleared Brazil, to be followed by cooler and drier conditions through next week. Defcon 3.

Tropical Weather Updates.

Tropical Weather Outlook for the Week of November 2nd

•There are no active tropical cyclones today, and any development is very unlikely over the next 7 days. Defcon ratings are the lowest condition of 5 for all regions. 

•Due to a strong El Nino event, the 2015 hurricane season recorded well below normal levels of both overall (10TS/3H/2MH) and U.S. landfall (2TS/0H/0MH) activity, an outcome in-line with my preseason forecasts. 

•The outlook for 2016 is uncertain and dependent on the evolution of ENSO state. However, there is potential for a more active season if a La Nina event develops in the spring as some models suggest.

•As less than 3% of the hurricane season remains, this will be the last regularly scheduled outlook issued in 2015.

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