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The Best Time to Market Those Cash Crops -

If not Now, Then When?

Don't Worry. IAG has the Answers.

What We Do

Commodity prices? Market research? Grain futures? Don’t stress. Leave it to the risk management experts at IAG to deliver the agricultural marketing reports you need with the strategies to make the best decisions for your agribusiness.

International Agribusiness Group is the ultimate ag marketing resource for people in the field - whether that’s investors in the field of finance or farmers in a field of grain. So how do we determine the best time to market? For starters, we keep a constant eye on commodity prices so we know the exact time to strike.

But that’s just the beginning.

How We Do It:

We start with the numbers.

Just when you’re wondering whether the increase in livestock prices will affect the corn and soybean markets, IAG will have the risk management commentary you need to make the best possible marketing decision for your agribusiness. We analyze and watch market trends to get farmers the best price on their cash crops and give investors, in turn, the highest return on their investment.

And we do this with minimal risk along the way.

Why Work with IAG:

The advisors at IAG have 80-plus years of proven experience in agribusiness risk management. We come from backgrounds that extend beyond finance and analysis. Many of us also come from farming families or are farmers ourselves. We understand the grit, stress, and passion it takes to be successful in the agricultural industry.

This makes us uniquely qualified to understand the risks involved for both farmer and investors.

At IAG, we’re in the business of helping you get the most from your agribusiness and investments. In fact, we’re so confident of our agricultural marketing services, we’re willing to give them to you 90 days free of charge. Want to talk? Give us a call.

Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance. --Confucius

We're experts in our field so you can stay an expert in yours.

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With 80-plus years of proven experience in agribusiness risk management, IAG is your ultimate farming and agribusiness marketing resource.

Let us show you. Try our consultation services free with our 90-day trial. Services Include:

  • Current Market Analysis
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  • Customized Weather Reporting from
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You grow your crops, we'll grow your profits.

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Our Company

International Agribusiness Group

IAG is:

An independent consultancy with an unrelenting passion for Food and Agriculture. Comprised of a select group of consultants, IAG works with businesses exposed to agricultural commodity price risk. The consultants’ varying backgrounds and industry experience help create a team with unique expertise.
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IAG does:

Improve our clients’ aptitude in market outlook and risk management strategies. Use IAG's unique experience to provide data-backed risk management insight and solutions. IAG doesn't report the news or chronicle the past; IAG provides a clear, actionable outlook for the future.
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Tropical Weather Updates.

Tropical Update for the Week of October 25th

•There are no active storms in the Atlantic Basin today, and no significant risks to the U.S. coastline are expected in the next 7-10 days. 

•There are no notable disturbances today, either. Some showers in the western Caribbean are in a very unfavorable environment, and there is no chance of development there.

•As only 2% of U.S. hurricane landfalls have occurred after 10/25, the plausible window for TC risks to the U.S. in 2016 is rapidly closing. This will be the last regularly scheduled weekly forecast for the 2016 hurricane season. Forecasts will be issued on an as-necessary basis in November in the event of a threat to the U.S., and you can look for a final 2016 season wrap-up and first look ahead to 2017 to arrive in late November.

Your At-A-Glance Weather Updates.

Commodity Market Weather Forecast for March 24th from IAG

•This morning, there are no threat level changes as the first of numerous rain chances spreads across the U.S. southern plains.

•The U.S. southern tier is entering a very wet pattern that will bring 4-5 storms across the region in the next 2 weeks. Thunderstorms brought hit or miss accumulations overnight, but ook for the heaviest totals in the middle of next week with 10-day totals of 0.75-1.5" in the western Plains and 2-4" elsewhere including the Delta.  Defcon 4.

•The U.S. northern tier will also be warmer than average and very wet with a zonal jet over the next 2 weeks. A heavier rain chance brings 0.5-1" today and tomorrow, followed by another storm midweek. Long-range models continue to suggest warmer than average and much wetter than normal conditions for the corn belt through early April at least.  Defcon 3.
•There are no major changes in South America weather, which will be mostly dry region-wide for the next 3-5 days. Brazil north of Sao Paolo can expect another drier than average and warm next 8-10 days, with around 50% of normal rain through then but the middle and end of week 2 turning wetter. Argentina remains dry through day 5, especially east, but turns wetter once again starting on day 5 with 2-4" of rain anticipated with a strong, slow-moving front. Defcon 4.

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