Everybody talks about it, but few understand it like IAG.

Re-defining "small talk."


For most people, the weather is small talk. But to people in agribusiness, the weather can be a critical factor in market modeling, particularly in the northern hemisphere during the main growing season from April through September. In the short term, when the weather is not affecting the environment with droughts, floods, hurricanes and tornadoes, the weather may not be a critical issue.

Measuring market sensitivity to weather, on the other hand, is quite crucial. As consultants, we need to know how much weight weather should have in market pricing and how accurate are the forecasts. Weather is a good example of when to apply "the 40 – 70% rule" of decision-making. Those are situations where waiting until you have 100% of the information needed to make a decision is too risky.

At IAG, we know it's not enough to simply read a forecast or talk to a meteorologist. Just like the markets, we have to understand what is behind the forecast. We look at the data and the models in order to understand the accuracy and the margin for error in the forecast.

Everyone at IAG is required to study the data and the models. It's not just the job of our meteorologist. Our high standards demand that we all dig deeper into the information in order to have a greater understanding of risk. Then, you can make smarter and more profitable decisions for your operation.

At IAG, we rely on Ryan Truchelut as our in-house Meteorologist. We look to Ryan to provide short- and long-term outlooks. Additionally, we contract with other outside meteorologists to provide a well-rounded forecast consensus.

Now, you can see why at IAG, weather is everything but small talk.


2017 Outlook & Literature

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